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Our Motor Legal Expenses Insurance is focused on delivering a first-class service and offers a 24-7 accident reporting line. Our claims handlers are focused on providing the most appropriate solutions for your needs working with you to ensure any claims are handled as efficiently as possible.
Providing £100,000 limit of indemnity the policy provides recovery of uninsured losses arising from a non-fault accident.

These include: –
• Replacement Vehicle Costs
• Policy Excess
• Loss of Earnings
• Loss of Use
• Personal Injury Compensation
• Vehicle Repair Costs
• Out of Pocket Expenses
• Damage to Personal Effects

• Helplines and Additional Services
• 24 Hour Helpline
• Managed Repairs (non-fault accidents only)
• Motoring Criminal Prosecution Defence
• Motor Consumer Disputes
• Pothole Damage
• Illegal Clamping and Towing
• Unenforceable Parking Fines
• Vehicle Identity Theft
• Motor Insurance Database Disputes
• Uninsured Driver Motor Insurers Bureau Recovery

*We also offer Legal protection for Home & Landlord policies

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